The 10 Best Ideas For Dissertation Topics You Probably Wouldn’t Think Of

Do you think the field your major is in can’t provide original dissertation topics any longer? Scroll down for the top 10 fascinating dissertation ideas, in a variety of subjects.

  1. The Silicon Valley phenomenon: is it replicable?
  2. Moving away from more common discussions on the reasons and causes for the Silicon Valley’s rise, this research instead focuses on repeatability: What is needed to achieve the same progress, in a science park, in any other country?

  3. The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, and the surrounding controversy.
  4. The evolution of the police force in your local area.
  5. As the US has no single standard for police forces, you can make a great paper on criminal justice by exploring the development of this organization in your local area.

  6. Ways to make economic growth more sustainable without restricting it.
  7. The debate over environmental sustainability and economic growth – which one should be preferred over the other – is one more long-lasting, or still far from resolution? Explore the “third way” – how increased investment into “cutting edge” technologies can promote both sustainability and growth.

  8. The destructive impact of education standards on a child’s learning process.
  9. Every child is an individual, so the downside of standardized education is something we are all intuitively conscious about. However, the quantitative dimension of how exactly the pressure to meet standards can affect children’s performances, is still interesting to explore.

  10. The rise of fan-fiction as a new literature genre.
  11. Not so long ago fan-fiction was considered something written for pure entertainment, and never for profit, by devoted fans. However, today such books achieve high rankings on Amazon and some, like Fifty Shades of Grey, become international bestsellers. Is it the birth of a new literature genre or simply a brief fashion trend?

  12. The strategies the film industry can adopt in order to address censorship in foreign countries.
  13. Crowdfunding as an alternative to business loans.
  14. For centuries the only way to set up a business, for most people, was through a bank loan. With the emergence of crowdfunding, more and more entrepreneurs prefer to raise the funds they need directly from potential customers. Can this result in the complete elimination of demand for business loans, or are the areas where crowdfunding is effective too limited?

  15. The probability of Cold War II.
  16. Compare the geo-political situation that formed in the course of the Ukrainian crisis, to that at the beginning of the Cold War, to produce a fascinating dissertation on history or political science.

  17. Is digital government ever possible?
  18. Discuss the preconditions for the emergence of a totally digitized (or even automated) government, and major obstacles faced on the way.


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