The 25 Best Dissertation Topics And Ideas For Your Next Research

Your dissertation is an important paper that you will need to pass in order to graduate. Put your best foot forward with coming up with a brilliant topic that is unique. You can use these topics from your major to get you started in the right direction. If you don’t see your major listed, glance through some of the other ideas to get a sense of what your dissertation should be about.

The idea is to add an original topic to the knowledge pool. Make sure you choose a topic that has not been used before.

  1. Accounting: Should companies be required to report their intellectual capital in their financial statements? It may be good for getting investments but how do you value a person’s intellect.
  2. Accounting: Have audit committees been effective in Saudi Arabia? Compare their effectiveness to audit committees in another country like India.
  3. Accounting: How has the adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards effected the countries that have adopted it? You can choose one country or make a generalization about all countries that have adopted the standards.
  4. Biology: Diversity of plants in Australia.
  5. Biology: Biochemical changes in children who suffer from obesity.
  6. Biology: Is there another way to get the same results as stem cell research?
  7. Finance: Is the financial system important to economic development?
  8. Finance: Investment decisions in regards to liquid assets.
  9. Finance: Mortgage policy adjustments after real estate crisis.
  10. Finance: The effectiveness of corporations designed to develop urban areas.
  11. History: Evolution of war.
  12. History: Explore the Forbidden City from Chinese history.
  13. History: Long-term effects of the relocation of native tribes in the United States.
  14. Marketing: The effects of Facebook marketing.
  15. Marketing: Should businesses waste resources using print ads in the phone book.
  16. Marketing: Importance of branding when it comes to food sales.
  17. Marketing: Importance of branding when it comes to clothing sales.
  18. Marketing: Effects of the wedding season on the wedding industry.
  19. Medical: Influenza virus in the United States.
  20. Philosophy: What is the influence of function: A modern idea.
  21. Philosophy: Does DNA cloning cause ethical issues?
  22. Psychology: Does satisfaction at work lead to higher individual production?
  23. Psychology: Does ADHD effect family life?
  24. Sociology: The responsibility of companies to take care of the people.
  25. Sociology: The importance of women in society.

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