The Best 10 Dissertation Topics For Business Management

When you are tasked with the dissertation, you know that it is something which will take a great deal of time. The dissertation is something which will consume you for months on end, but that is exactly why you need to ensure that the topic you select will be something you can truly enjoy and work with. A good topic for business management can make all of the difference. So review the list of dissertation topics below, but also bear in mind what your passions are and what you truly find interesting within the field. This will help you to decide upon a topic most suited to your needs:

  1. Write about the effects that changing expectations of consumers has had on modern corporate philanthropy.
  2. You can explore entrepreneurial management within a family owned company.
  3. Around the world, family owned companies are the backbone for economic success. It is important to explore how new management strategies are, or are not, being incorporated into family owned companies, particularly those in traditionalist cultures.
  4. Write about whether public good really does transcend the rights of the individual person and whether firms should look for high profit regardless of their social consequences.
  5. Compare the efficacy of loyalty programs for different consumer companies. Review two competing companies and review their loyalty programs and cards. The theory behind these programs is grounded in consumer decision making, to be sure, but it is your job to evaluate whether the loyalty cards are actually effective. You can interview customers as well as workers to see what their thoughts are.
  6. Write about whether transparency and integrity will create a better environment within an organization in the private sector.
  7. Explore how corporate policies can focus on competitiveness within the company while also focusing on improving social conditions and economic conditions.
  8. Write a paper which investigates organizational behavior within the South African mining companies.
  9. Explore whether titles within a company act as a promotional reward or just a means of flattery when a company is enduring economic hardships.
  10. Discuss how involvement from employees can demonstrate a lack of leadership and authority from higher officials and how you can integrate employees without compromising the authority and respect therein.
  11. Write about whether organizational leadership requires a single language among directors and managers in order to improve teamwork across an international company.

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