Special Education Dissertation Ideas: 20 Topics Worth Writing About

Graduate students often have to prepare dissertations if their area of specialization is related to special education. The first step that every student should take is finding an appropriate research idea. The topic should be narrow enough to be developed within the scope of the paper effectively and bring something new to the study area. Your supervisor will appreciate if your dissertation idea is original and arguable with current research trends.

Students use different methods to come up with their special education dissertation topics. The most popular one is to look through a list of great ideas to get inspired. The following twenty topics are worth writing about:

  1. The autistic spectrum treatment plans: an analysis of their effectiveness.
  2. The most effective kinds of therapies: music vs. play therapy in treating eating disorders.
  3. The evaluation of the role of parents in special education.
  4. Differences and similarities in educational policies between two states.
  5. The main types of inclusion programs in schools: a comparison of their effectiveness.
  6. Inclusive education as the forefront of special education study.
  7. Arguments for considering inclusion as a political necessity.
  8. The best designs for guaranteeing individual success of every student.
  9. Team-teaching classrooms: the main benefits for students with special needs.
  10. Education excellence guarantees: teacher training problems.
  11. Arguments and counterarguments for including autistic students in general education classrooms.
  12. The role of personal care assistants in special education.
  13. Autism specialists’ consultations: the problem of effectiveness.
  14. Special education and physical education policies: case studies of the Asian states.
  15. Methods of dealing with socialization of autistic students: a case study of China.
  16. The educational dilemma of mainstreaming vs. isolation: creative solutions.
  17. The overall effects of music therapy on test scores.
  18. A classroom performance as a vital part of music and art therapy for students with special needs.
  19. Generalized music therapy: is it as effective as the therapy that accounts for ethnic differences?
  20. A personality research: the role of a teacher in special education.

The number of dissertation ideas to consider is big enough, so every student can find something to write the assignment about. It’s necessary to focus on a particular aspect of a chosen subject and stick to your topic. Conduct a fast literature research to ensure that you have enough materials to develop your idea, and get feedback from your supervisor before starting your work.


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