A List Of Great Dissertation Titles In Business: Fresh Ideas For Academic Writing

Students who study business in college and universities usually go onto be the business managers and entrepreneurs of the future. The decision makers that can influence and shape policies of governments for decades to come. You are probably already competitive and driven by nature. College is a great time to hone your ruthless nature and killer business streak. As in real life business, you will be up against some sharks. Some real, manipulative pieces of work. You never know, you might even find yourself going head to head with one or more of them in future job interviews. So, in order to get the competitive edge and crucially, stay ahead, you are going to need to come up with a kick-ass dissertation that will blow the competition permanently out of the water. Here're some titles to help you get started:

  • Can escrow services like PayPal ever hope to compete with global leaders such as Visa and MasterCard when it comes to online transactions? Is Visa’s international stranglehold impenetrable?
  • Western governments have put in place stringent measures to prevent monopolies – Rather than being good for business and the economy, does this, in fact, have a detrimental effect?
  • Is going green just too expensive for businesses to consider? Should all companies, even start-ups be forced to implement environmentally friendly policies?
  • Should businesses be more creative when it comes to attracting and retaining staff? Should they do more to make employees buy into the brand and have a sense of loyalty? If so, what can they do?
  • In a global world, it makes sense to employ ex-pats in far-flung corners of the world. What can small to medium sized businesses do to monitor these remote workers and ensure high-levels of productivity?
  • Examine the benefits and downsides of centralized management vs. decentralized management.
  • Is it possible to achieve a work-life balance and earn a good salary? Explore the options that are available to employees looking for flexible working opportunities within the workplace.
  • Explore Britain’s relationship with Europe and examine how a British exit from the Eurozone after a proposed in/out referendum in 2017 would impact upon Britain’s ability to trade in Europe and beyond. Would a British exit damage trade with the United States of America, especially if it is being headed by a Republican President?

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