10 Basic Things To Know About The PhD Thesis Writing Format

A few helpful tips to help you make you PhD thesis shine and be highly persuasive. Writing a dissertation or a thesis is no child’s play. It is process that spans over several weeks if not months, and demands for you to be highly thorough in your approach. This process could be highly complex and tedious is performed in a haphazard manner. So, to help you solve your academic writing woes we have created a short list of some helpful tips to help you break down an otherwise complex and complicated task into smaller manageable sub tasks. We hope this article proves to be of help to you.

  1. Create an outline of your PhD thesis writing objective: If you get right to the writing task without any prior homework or deliberation you will almost invariably find yourself lost in the midst of the process.
  2. Set for yourself a deadline for the completion of your work: You must absolutely decide and divide a timeline and date of completion of parts and the whole task. Without hard written schedules, you may find yourself lost.
  3. Go through as much literature related to your subject as possible: Reading what has been worked upon in relation to your subject from as many sources as possible will only make you more insightful. In other words, no amount of research is enough.
  4. Take short breaks from the writing process: You need to let the ideas seep in, by over burdening your mind you will only loose productivity. So, allow yourself short breaks to let the creativity flourish.
  5. Review your thoughts before preceding any further: Don’t get lost in your own mind, be objective and somewhat disassociated to be analytical and insightful.
  6. Get to the writing process: Start the writing process, one step at a time. Don’t rush it, be calm, and carry on.
  7. Reread and review your work before definitive submission: You should read and reread and review your work again and again, and have others do it for you as well. The more eyes, the merrier.
  8. Avoid common writing process mistakes: The written language, grammar and lexicon included, are important.
  9. Check for plagiarism and avoid copying at any cost: Plagiarism is academic suicide. Don’t plagiarize.
  10. Ensure that your work is logically sound: The reason for this is that thesis writing involves several complicated issues to intermingle, which is complicated to discern.

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