A List Of Winning Dissertation Paper Writing Ideas In Physics

The field of physics is not only interesting to those who love science, but also vast and complex. While many physics students enjoy the discipline especially when it involves experiments, most students will agree that choosing a topic for a dissertation paper can be a daunting task. The field is so wide and there are numerous intriguing things to study. Due to this reason, many students get confused on which topic to choose for their dissertation paper. Others may spend a lot of time trying to figure out which topic to choose, eventually wasting valuable time that could have been put to good use in the actual writing of the paper. In case you find yourself in such a situation, here is a list of winning dissertation paper writing ideas in physics to consider. The topics are arranged according to distinct themes within the field of physics.

Theme 1: Magnetism on the Mesoscopic Scale

  • Conduct a study on magnetic coupling phenomena such as exchange bias that exists in ultra-thin films.
  • Focus your study the magnetic anisotropy of some epitaxial ferromagnetic films.

Theme 2: Study of Nanostructured superconductor and Tunable pinning landscapes

  • Explore the interaction between two ferromagnetism and superconductivity.
  • Conduct a study that seeks to create a pinning landscape that can be fully controlled for quantum flux lines in superconducting films.

Theme 3: The Study of Electron Spectroscopy on Nanostructures Semiconductor

  • Conduct a study that focuses on applying the spectroscopy of internal photoemission to the study of materials used for insulation in micro-and nanoelectronic devices.
  • Conduct a study to investigate the structural quality of heterostructures or semiconductors by use of electron spin resonance.
  • Focus your study on internal electron photoemission in nanostructures and nanolayers.

Theme 4: Analyzing growth and self-organization mechanisms: Thin

You can study the development of artificial neural networks used in analyzing real-time Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry data.

  • Your study can focus on the electrical and structural properties of metal silicides that make them applicable for dedicated micro-electric devioces using ion beam techniques, barrier height measurements, and x-ray diffraction.
  • You can investigate the structural and chemical properties of the surface passivation layer of semiconductors made from Ge and GaAs.

Theme 5: In-depth analysis of Nanoparticles

  • Conduct a study on the optical properties of nanoclusters that are produced using a gas phase cluster source.
  • Investigate the influence of certain parameters on fundamental processes like nucleation of nanocrystals and surface diffusion of atoms that determine the final properties and position of Nanoparticles.

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