The Secret to Coming Up with Interesting Social Science Dissertation Ideas

Choosing ideas for your dissertation seems to be quite a frightening task because it may take several years to finish your paper. What if your research ideas appear to be boring in the course of that time? How are you going to successfully do your work without any sparks of interest towards the chosen topic? To be deeply keen on the whole research and writing process, be sure to pick interesting, up-to-date, and fresh topic ideas. Social sciences are of a very generic nature, and many issues may appear to be appropriate for research. To come up with catchy social science dissertation ideas, take the following steps:

  • Select your research area.
  • The social sciences study different types of human relations. Therefore anthropology, psychology, economics, political science, history, and sociology are embraced by the notion of the social sciences. Choose one field that seems to be the most appealing to you.

  • Gather information.
  • Read newspapers, browse on the Internet, listen to the radio, watch TV news, and speak to other people to find out what current issues are most often discussed nowadays.

  • Brainstorm.
  • Take a pen and a sheet of paper, and write down all the ideas that come to mind. Don’t be too critical; good ideas are born among the bad ones, and you will filter away all the unnecessary thoughts later.

  • Choose an idea that has been previously researched by scientists.
  • Remember that a new idea is a new combination of old components. Moreover, your dissertation should be based on the work of other scientists, and you should cite the sources.

  • Consult with your advisor.
  • It is advisable that the idea be interesting not only to you, but to your professor as well.

The following dissertation topic ideas might be interesting for research:

  1. The impact of HIV/AIDS on the economic development of African countries.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility: what health and safety actions should be taken in the oil and gas industries of developing countries?
  3. The problems of educating children with hyperactivity disorder.
  4. How does technology affect modern social life?
  5. A health and social care system for elderly people: how can it be improved?
  6. A comparison of American and British education systems. How do they influence the development of social norms?
  7. Corporal social responsibility: how does it shape societal values?
  8. Religion and marriages: their interrelation in modern times.
  9. Illegal immigration: how does it affect the economic, social, and political aspects of the country?
  10. The family as a basic societal unit in the modern world: evaluation and perspectives.

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