Top 15 Dissertation Ideas On History And Philosophy Of Science And Technology

Writing a dissertation is a difficult but interesting task, especially when you’re asked to conduct a study on history and philosophy of science and technology. This is a very broad field that allows you to choose from many exciting topics. If you cannot decide what to write about in your paper, you may select an idea from the list below.

Topics on History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

  1. The rise of the new biology: the molecular vision of life.

  2. The influence of feminism on the philosophy of science.

  3. The history of the classical era of mathematics.

  4. Contemporary science and quantum philosophy.

  5. The history of media technology: the telegraph and the Internet.

  6. Aristotle as an ancient biological philosopher.

  7. Western and Eastern approaches to medicine.

  8. The scientific revolution and the formation of the modern science.

  9. Antiquity and the exact sciences.

  10. The emergence and development of a scientific culture.

  11. Great discoveries in the sciences of life.

  12. Cognitive science: its interpretation and overview.

  13. The foundations of physics and their problems.

  14. Biology and its physical foundation.

  15. The history of Silicon Alley.

Tips for Writing Your Paper

A good topic is only a part of an outstanding dissertation. You should sacrifice a lot of your free time and put plenty of effort into your work if you want to get an excellent grade. First of all, you should conduct thorough research on your topic. To learn about the best sources that you can use in your study, approach your professor and consult them on this matter. They can also provide you with advice on what methodology to use during your research to achieve more accurate results.

Before you start writing your dissertation, make an outline for it. This will help you create a solid structure for your paper. It’s advisable not to start composing your paper with the introduction chapter. If you create body chapters first, it’ll be easier for you to write a relevant introduction at the first attempt because you’ll definitely know the contents of the following chapters.

Remember that it’s important to proofread your paper thoroughly after writing and format it in accordance with the style mentioned in your assignment guidelines. If you format your document in a wrong way, your committee may not accept your work.

The last step is to come up with the final title of your dissertation. Use attention-grabbing techniques and key terms from your paper to create a good title.


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