Top 27 Outstanding Dissertation Ideas On Web Design

Recently students are showing great interest in pursuing a career in web design. With more and more service providing companies going online, there is a huge need for web designers who can design an attractive and informative website for promotion of the services. Since the demand for such designers is increasing, many colleges and universities are opening up a course for web design. Now, before a student can complete the degree, he/she needs to complete a dissertation on web design. This is done basically to see how far the particular student can think and contribute independently to this field. This can be challenging for most of the students since it is an amalgamation of theoretical knowledge and scientific experiment. If you want to know more, you can try this site for additional help.

Web design is a huge field under computer science that includes a user interface, information, page navigation, layouts and templates, imagery, fonts, etc. These things should be combined in such a way that it meets the target of the page owner and helps promote his brand. The ultimate goal of the web designer is to meet the demands of the page owner and design the page as he/she says. If you are searching for a dissertation topic on web design, you can consult with your teachers and friends or search on the internet. There are some pages dedicated to web designing and web development. Let us see the areas of web designing on which you can compile a thesis.

  1. How is web design creating a virtual space that is often perceived to be real?

  2. Web design and internet culture in today’s world.

  3. Is the virtual space slowly overlapping the real life space?

  4. How to increase foot traffic with web design?

  5. How to create a one-click web page?

  6. How to create a responsive web page?

  7. Web design and search engine optimization.

  8. Web server management

  9. The commercial, cultural and social potential of web design

  10. The difference between web design and web development.

  11. Web design and content strategy

  12. Using responsive web design to serve a multi-device audience

  13. Tips to create a more engaging website

  14. How to create a mobile website

  15. E-learning and web design

  16. Visual arts and web design

  17. Web design and improved communication

  18. Web design and HTML tagging

  19. How to use storytelling to create a more compelling website content

  20. Web fonts and font stacks

  21. Web page analysis

  22. The effects of color and organization on the web

  23. Semantic web techniques and knowledge representation.

  24. The future of Web design: HTML5

  25. Basics of a website promotion

  26. Cross Browser testing

  27. Basics of web designing

    1. These are some of the basic research areas on web design.


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