Practical Advice On How To Write Journalism Dissertation Abstracts

As a journalism student, a lot will be expected of you when it comes to doing academic research, writing and presenting academic essay. This is because journalism is all about researching, finding facts and presenting them in a decent and credible way for people to read. In case you have been struggling with your dissertation and are starting to feel the pressure, here are some of the research and writing tips that will guarantee you success.

Getting the information you need

Before you delve into any research, it is important to ensure that you have all the information needed about the paper. Many students fail because they assume they know the answers to the following aspects of the essay:

  1. How many words the dissertation should be.

  2. When the deadline for submission is.

  3. The marking criteria that will be used by the supervisor.

  4. The bibliographical expectations from the supervisor.

These are just a few of the issues that students assume they know the answer to, and then end up losing marks.

Learn about writing a dissertation

Before you even start your research on the main subject matter, it is very important to learn how the best dissertations are written. For example, you can start by buying or borrowing a book that has sample dissertations that were critically acclaimed and study the style that was used in all of them. You can also visit the library and have a look at the past dissertations that got top grades. Try and look into the style that was used and all the aspects that made the student merit a good grade. Incorporate these positive values into your own essay.

Choosing a good topic

The main challenge that comes with writing dissertations is choosing a topic that is original, unique or fresh. Look at the issues that have been tackled before and if possible, avoid them. On the other hand, it is possible to look into a topic that has been covered and approach it from a fresh point of view. Work the topic into some kind of hypothesis and base your research on this.

When writing your essay, avoid choosing safe topics. Be daring enough to tackle the issues that have been termed controversial. Remember that the higher the risk, the better the reward will be when you do your work well. Delve into the details of the subject matter as opposed to simply mapping it. Meet the supervisor regularly and make sure that you are on the right track. Expert thesis writing help is another great otpion.


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