5 Best Tips For Getting A Great PhD Dissertation Example

Using a flawless example is vital to ensure the quality of your PhD dissertation. Keep reading to learn how to discover great thesis examples without much effort.

  1. Ask your supervisor for advice.
  2. One of the fastest ways to discover excellent dissertation examples is to ask your advisor where you can find them. He or she might recommend a trustworthy online resource, or even a particular paper that you should definitely read. Your supervisor is probably an expert in dissertation writing, so use his or her expertise.

  3. Search your university library first of all.
  4. Most universities, both in the U.S. and other countries, store all PhD dissertations that have been submitted by their students. Depending on how old your university is, there must be hundreds or even thousands of papers relevant to your subject and topic. As a rule, these examples are available to current students free of charge. Give preference to the most recent papers – they should be fully consistent with the style and formatting requirements of your faculty.

  5. Look at the websites of other universities.
  6. Enter “find PhD dissertations online” into your search engine. Open the links leading to the webpages of universities. They contain links to their thesis databases and explanations on how to use them. A number of universities would provide dissertation examples to those who are not their students for free under certain conditions. Read their guidelines carefully to see whether you qualify.

  7. Use trustworthy online databases.
  8. If you are looking for dissertation examples online, limit your search to websites with .edu, .org, or .gov in their URLs. When on the website, read the “about us” section to find out who is responsible for this database and how it is filled. The most reliable dissertation databases are the ones filled through inter-library loans or directly by universities and faculties. Avoid resources where papers can be uploaded by anyone.

  9. Do not pay for dissertation examples unless you absolutely need to.
  10. Some universities recommend that their students use this or that paid database to get more dissertation examples. However, the quality of papers there simply can’t be any better than in free thesis databases that are maintained by educational institutions or state bodies. They offer great choices of genuine, well-written, and relevant dissertations. The only case where you really need to pay for a dissertation sample is when your advisor or professor recommends you to use a particular one, and when you have exhausted all the opportunities to get it for free.


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