20 Great Questions You Can Explore In A Physics Dissertation

Physics is not an easy subject, and to build a dissertation on this you will need a few months. There is a lot of information that you have to organize and transform, not to mention that you have to be original. All your colleagues will try their best to impress your professor, so the question that you explore needs to be unusual, controversial and more important, professional. These are 20 amazing examples:

  1. Why we can’t fly? We all know that it’s impossible, but what is the explanation for this? What would we need to fly?

  2. The law of gravity. How does it work? Can you create gravity around a certain object?

  3. Black holes. For sure you heard about black holes in the universe, but what are they exactly?

  4. Can the universe be infinite? Why we can’t find the edge of it, and what’s behind the universe?

  5. How can we create fire by touching two stones? What is the process behind this?

  6. If the earth would stop moving for two seconds, what would happen with the humanity? Would this affect us in any way?

  7. The movement of the Moon and the movement of the Earth; how are these connected?

  8. What are we created of? Talk about the smallest particles from our body, not the flesh and bones.

  9. What is cold? Why do we feel cold and how can we define it?

  10. How do magnets work?

  11. The theory of light and how the light is transmitted. You can also discuss about the speed of the light. This website can assist if you don’t have enough information.

  12. How can we transform a liquid into a hard object? What is the process?

  13. Explain how can someone reshape the metal. What happens with the iron when you change its shape?

  14. Particles of water; where are these found and how can we create them? Is it possible to remain without water at some point?

  15. What happens when a person dies? How can the cells die and be absorbed into the ground?

  16. Floating in space; why objects float in space but not on Earth?

  17. What kind of ship would we need to be able to visit Mars?

  18. What is the Sun made of?

  19. Why asteroids rarely get on Earth?

  20. Explain what happens when an object explodes.

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