Five Ways to Get a Checked Dissertation Methodology Example for Free

Anyone who has worked on a dissertation or is now working on one knows that it can be one of the most arduous tasks in life. There are ways to make the process less strenuous, however. One such method is to start out with some good methodology samples.

Dissertation methodology

The good news is that not all dissertations need a methodology section. Check your course handbook or check with your supervision to find out whether your specific department requires one to be a part of the finished paper. A methodology section details the methods used in the design study and the target population. It describes the sampling method used and the procedures that were used to select the sample size. This important section will also describe how your data was collected and analyzed. It can comprise a large portion of the dissertation’s final grade.

Sources for free dissertation methodology examples

Most people find it easier to duplicate an abstract work if there is an example or basic template for them to study and follow. There are places where free dissertation methodology examples can be found at no cost. A few we’ve found are:

  1. Local or university library. The amount and kind of information that can be found at your local library is astounding. The only drawback is that you may have to spend a little time looking for it. Most libraries will have samples of some of the best papers ever written. Use these as your model and you should be in good shape.

  2. Discussion forums. Whether these are online or face-to-face in your local area, you may be able to find some very good dissertations being discussed. Most people in these forums will be willing to share for free, too. Just hang out a while and network; spend some time making nice and the reward could be worth it.

  3. Visit online providers. There are freelancers and professionals who are willing to help you out by providing a copy of dissertations in their possession, many for nothing more than a polite “thank you.” Some will want to charge for it. Whether you go that route or not is your choice.

  4. Locate templates. While you’re in the local library or your university library, check for template examples that are free for the taking. Whether you use the template or not, it can give you good direction on how to put your methodology together.

  5. Discuss it with your supervisor. If you ask your supervisor for an example, if he or she doesn’t have one, which is highly unlikely, at least he or she may be kind enough to point you in the direction of where an example may be available.


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