How To Pick Up Impressive Dissertation Topics On Homelessness: Tips & Examples

When you are given the assignment to write a dissertation on homelessness you may be faced with the daunting task of trying to choose just one aspect of this immense topic to write about. Homelessness is a worldwide issue faced by every civilized country in varying degrees and provides the topics and subject matter for many writing assignments. When you need to pick a topic on homelessness consider these tips and examples for picking the best idea for your writing.

Tip One – Hit the streets

If you truly want to find the best topic for a dissertation on topic then put down your pen and paper and step away from the personal computer and go talk to people on the streets. The best information and topics will be found when you meet the people who are struggling with homelessness themselves. These people can be found on street corners with signs or sitting under porches trying to find shelter. In every city you will find an example of homelessness and when you talk to these people you will gain a new perspective on the topic.

Tip Two – Homeless shelters

Government agencies worldwide have put together a support infrastructure for people who have lost their homes and this is the next place you can start finding potential topics. Talk to the people who are calling these shelters home or talk to the workers who maintain the shelters and help those that come to their doors. Homeless shelters will provide a large amount of ideas that you can choose for your dissertation topic on homelessness.

Tip Three – Government agencies

Since government agencies must deal with the problems of homelessness why not talk to them and see the issue from their perspective. When you need a topic on homelessness consider learning the issue from the government’s perspective and the struggles they face helping the people that need them. You will find there are issues with funding and supporting this portion of the population you not have considered.

The issue of homelessness has many facets from the people who have found themselves in this situation to the government agencies that must support them. When you must select one facet of this issue to use as a topic for your research consider these tips for finding the best example to use in your writing to present the topic to your audience and dissertation board.


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