Top Philosophy Dissertation Ideas To Consider: 15 Best Suggestions

Writing about philosophy requires a significant of research and time. To speed up the writing process, students should select their topic as soon as the philosophy dissertation begins. In some cases, students can even start to consider their topic before they actually start their master's or doctorate degree. By thinking of a topic early, students give themselves more time to actually research and write their philosophy dissertation. For some interesting ideas, students should read through the following list of dissertation ideas.

Philosophy Dissertation Topics

  1. Kuhnian created the idea of the paradigm shift. In economics, the development of Keynesian economics illustrated this concept. How is this paradigm shift occurring again with the new eco-politcal thoughts of Kuhn?
  2. What did John Locke mean when he stated that all person were put in a state of nature?
  3. When Hobbes first wrote about his believes on a government-less life, he stated that man should be ruled by a sovereign authority and there should be no separation of powers. How are Hobbe's ideas apparent in the regime change and revolution in the Middle East? Look at nations like Egypt and Libya specifically
  4. With cloning and memory-enhancing drugs, are people still people? How have contemporary philosophers dealt with this issue?
  5. According to 17th century Malebranche, God has the ability that God can prevent natural evils, but does not. How did later philosophers like Antoine Arnauld challenge this viewpoint?
  6. How did Rousseau and Plato develop ideas surrounding civil religion and legislation?
  7. Is the creation of the European Union, as well as globalization, a sign of Kant's theory of perpetual peace becoming a reality?
  8. Using the allegory of the cave from Plato, consider how the body image portrayed in the media and by society could use a lesson from Plato
  9. In the last century, Bhutan was the first country to replace the gross domestic product goal with a gross domestic happiness goal. What is the philosophy surrounding happiness and well-being?
  10. How does Ayn Rand's objectivist epistemology fit in with the realm of philosophy? Can she truly be considered a philosopher?
  11. How can divine will and freedom be reconciled philosophically? Is it possible?
  12. God and Religion: How do African and Western Ideas About Evil Compare?
  13. Husserl: A Look at the Way We Think About Things
  14. What were Nietzche's ideas on slavery and the problem of self-knowledge? How did his ideas of the heroic man shape future philosophers?
  15. What were Juan Donoso Cortes' thoughts about political or religious dogma and the foundation of dictatorships?

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