How To Compose A Dissertation Proposal Methods Section: Helpful Directions

Why proposal methods section is necessary for your dissertation paper?

You have to submit a proposal before writing your final dissertation paper. Here, you need to justify your chosen topic and how you are going to back it up. The ‘methods section’ will give out an idea- how you are going to collect resources to prove your claim. It may happen that what goes inside a proposal turns out differently in the final paper. And it’s perfectly acceptable.

What popular methods may make your methods section powerful?

Given your subject, the choice of methods will depend. If you are a student of sociology or psychology, then interview is an effective approach. For a literature student- observations and analysis are some impactful approaches while for science students- lab experiment is the prime method. If you have to submit the proposal before actual work, you need to be imaginative about how your methodology will pan out.

A brief direction about writing dissertation proposal methods section

  • Measure up the accessible resources
  • Before penning down the methods section- you have to measure the resources available. It also depends upon your stream. If you are a student of science, then the methods will be vastly different from that of a social science student. You may ask your supervisor for specific directions first.

  • Be specific what you are going to include in your methods section
  • Interview, questionnaire, observations or record analysis- whether you want to include all of them or 1-2, be clear in the methods section. Suppose your library doesn’t have much documents to analyze. Internet surfing has also produced nominal result. In that case, interviewing people is one of the easiest methods. But only relying upon it may weaken the value of your dissertation. On the other hand, combining it with observations and questionnaire- can make the methods section impactful.

  • Be confident about your choices
  • In the methods section- not only you need to define your choices but you have to defend them. Whether you are leaning upon qualitative methodology or quantitative methodology- you should include few words justifying them and their superiority over other techniques that had undertaken by your predecessors or your fellow-researchers.

  • Be careful to structure the methods section
  • While composing the methods section- you need to start off describing the conceptual context of your approaches. Once you are done with that, then support them with literary examples. Express the possible outcomes, you may expect through these methods. Also what challenges your methodology may face- form a key part of proposal methods section.


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