A List Of Solid Dissertation Topics For MBA: 10 Great Suggestions

For decades, an MBA has been one of the most popular degrees pursued by students all around the world. The degree’s versatility can be gauged from the fact that everyone from an aspiring businessperson to someone working in an office in a multitude of areas and roles can make use of it. People with an MBA degree can work in diverse fields such as Finance, Marketing, Management, Human Resources, Corporate Strategy and Supply Chain Management. To prepare students for such a wide variety of roles, most MBA programs offer courses in the above mentioned areas and many more.

To enable students to apply the knowledge gained from study of the areas above, most MBA programs require a detailed dissertation. For most students, this is the part of the program that they enjoy the most because it affords them the freedom to express themselves and their ideas. For many people, ideas first conceived during research for their dissertation become the central tenants upon which they are inspired to build future businesses. This means that choosing what to write your dissertation about is not only important to secure a good grade but is also a potential source of inspiration for the future.

Here are 10 great suggestions of topics for MBA dissertations:

  1. Using a diverse workforce to effectively market a product to a culturally segmented global market.
  2. How to use Audits to enrich your organization’s Information Systems.
  3. E-Commerce for a small business: From conception to implementation.
  4. A study of the effects of a transition of ownership on the employees of an organization.
  5. Privatization of publicly owned institutions in the developing world, theory and evidence.
  6. Performance measurement in small-scale vs. large-scale businesses.
  7. Elimination of the gender pay gap. What can be done?
  8. The Work/life balance conundrum. Does the millennial care about it as much as the media says?
  9. The role of business schools in the advancement of the economy.
  10. A study of the effects of public-private partnerships on poverty alleviation.

Choose from one of the unique and interesting topics above or come up with one of your own. Whatever topic you choose, make sure to map out how you will proceed before you start. Having a plan of action always helps in avoidance of problems later. Bounce ideas off your Research Supervisor; that is what s/he is there for. Use their knowledge and experience to your advantage. Finally and most importantly, research with enthusiasm and have a neutral party proofread your work. Good luck!


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