A Collection Of Winning Dissertation Topics In International Economics

Though the subject of International Economics has its existence from past many decades but it has gathered fast momentum as a subject in the past few years only. The growth in business sector across various countries is the prime reason for it. The contact with other states has brought them close for goods and services. It has made many nations spread their business making investment at various places of the globe and this feature has made it an implausible dissertation topic as well.

Check out some hot topics in this area-

  • How the production and wage structure in Europe is highly affected by the trade carried out between India and China?

  • Why trade negotiations have come to standstill in Doha due to WTO? Is the rise of regionalism is accountable for it?

  • What are the various factors that are accountable for European Monetary Integration?

  • What are the negative impacts faced by UK for not joining Euro?

  • Financial crises are spreading fast. How it is affecting various countries?

  • Why UK is facing a severe credit crunch?

  • Talk about various repercussions for US sub-prime crises.

  • How International Finance analyses the effects of finance flow between various countries?

  • How International Economics analyses the various implications of exchange rate of diverse regimes?

  • How the role of International Economics positively affects the finance flow across the globe?

  • Discuss various exchange rate regimes in context of international institutions like International Monetary Fund (IMF).

  • How supply and demand factors effect goods and services flow in international sector in business.

  • How International monetary Economics deals with various international conflicts and International negotiations.

  • Highlight some misconceptions prevailing in the global trading sector?

  • Why energy and environmental security was a primary agenda for the year 2007.

  • Discuss exchange rates and capital mobility in scenario of US?

  • Despite of global momentum, little agreement could be established for making dependency on greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuels. Why?

  • What are the most common Global challenges faced by various countries while conducting business?

  • How global risks and priorities are assessed while carrying business at an international scale?

  • What are the most potential solutions for the challenges that we face while carrying business with our neighboring country?

  • Is the scope of International finance likely to portray a gorgeous face of International market or is it going to make the scenario worse?

These are some hot topics that can prove to be winning dissertation topics by International Economics students. Pick any one of them, organize it well ad reveal a beautiful picture.


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