A List Of Great Economics Dissertation Ideas To Discover

With several global economies only narrowly avoiding falling into the great abyss in recent years and countries like Greece finally finding their teeth and rebelling against austerity there has never been a better time to study economics, Nor, has it ever been so interesting. In order to get ahead and increase your chances of securing the job of your dreams, you need to step up your game and start delivering compelling dissertations. With economic uncertainty still prevalent throughout vast swathes of the globe, there are so many potential avenues for you to explore. You can choose to look at the bigger economic picture, or zoom in on any local economy that happens to capture your imagination. The world is always going to need economists in order to keep functioning.

  1. Contrast and compare the differences in the way many businesses operate in urban and rural areas. Is this justifiable? Are businesses who choose to differentiate in this way penalizing particular customers?
  2. How has the European regional policy impacted upon Northern regions of the United Kingdom? Explore both the positive and negative implications. Does this feed into the North/South divide?
  3. Is bureaucracy and red-tape damaging to global economies, or are there times when this can actually be beneficial?
  4. How does inflation impact upon profit? Examine levels of inflation in the Euro-zone for the last quarter of 2014 and the first quarter in 2015 and discuss how this might impact upon businesses.
  5. Are politicians bad for the economy? Explore whether recent economic shutdowns in America have had wider ramifications for the global economy. Are politicians on all sides of Congress guilty of putting the interests of their parties over the interests of the country?
  6. Compare self-employment across Europe. How does France compare to the rest of Europe?
  7. Is affordable childcare critical to a healthy economy? Should the U.K. adopt the Scandinavian model? Or does the onus ultimately fall on parents to provide adequate childcare for their children?
  8. Compare and contrast the financial structure of leading British companies to their European counterparts.
  9. Explore how a British exit from the Eurozone would impact upon the British economy. Would a “Brexit” have wider implications, for example, would it impact upon the Special Relationship with the United States?
  10. “It’s the economy, stupid.” How relevant is Bill Clinton’s statement to the 2016 American Presidential elections?

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