Choosing An Excellent Dissertation Topic: Things To Know

Your dissertation is very important to your degree program. Individuals who want to get their degree will have to create a large research paper on a topic in their field of study. The focus is to create a new contribution to the knowledge in your field of study. When you are writing a dissertation, it is so important that you can come up with a topic that is unique and significant.

The topic has to be unique because that is one of the stipulations when it comes to writing a paper like this. It is designed to add to the overall knowledge in the field of study. When you are deciding what topic to write about, you need to keep these things in mind:

  • Decide on an interesting theme or concept
  • There has to be a concept, theory, or theme that you found interesting when you were learning in class over the last few years. Jot down some ideas or go back through your textbooks to see if anything sparks an interest.

  • Think about an industry that it would help
  • What industry would benefit from that strategy, theory, concept, or theme? If it already relates to an industry, then think about whether or not it could relate to another one.

  • Choose a company
  • Next you will choose a company that you think that this theory or concept could help. This will be your study company. If you are not able to get a hold of this company to conduct your study, you can always choose a similar local company and then apply the same concepts. You have to make sure that the two are very similar.

  • Put it together
  • You can write a study on how a certain theory or concept can improve an aspect in the current industry that you are studying and then link it specifically to the company. It will look something like this:

    The Blah Blah Theory: A look at how it can affect the Blah industry


    Company Blah Blah: using the blah theory to improve production

The idea is to make sure that you are adding knowledge to the field and not repeating a study that has already been conducted. You can improve on a study that has already been conducted but this will only be successfully if you really add value to it. You can also apply a concept from a study to a different company or industry.


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