Nine Powerful Dissertation Topics On International Business

The following nine dissertation topics pertain to business and should inspire you to come up with some great topics yourself. If not, feel free to use these exactly as they are.

  1. Australia engages Asia in business: How to implement educational strategies that widen our knowledge and ability to deal with China
  2. What investments can be made into the future of Australian children to better equip them in future business dealings with China.

  3. Big business and its effect on our oceans: Ways we should focus on a more environmentally-friendly approach to doing business at sea
  4. In what ways will a more environmentally-friendly approach to seafaring business be beneficial to the planet—and the economy?

  5. Investment strategies that make the world go round: The importance of educating the public on international investment benefits
  6. How can profit-building investment strategies be properly explained to the public in order to boost the international economy?

  7. Better fashion imports to benefit the US economy: How to capitalize on Europe’s fashion industry through consumer style awareness
  8. What are strategies that can help fashion outlets make better decisions when importing European fashion?

  9. How local companies can compete against international competitors: Strategies on how to survive international competition
  10. Help small local companies survive in an ever-changing global market. What can these companies do to rise above their international competitors and continue thriving in their respective industries?

  11. Advertising methods for stay at home moms: Technology methods that reach a market which is mostly untapped
  12. How can business owners tap into the stay-at-home mom market? What are ways these mothers can become a part of the international economy through the internet?

  13. Industry giants in computer technology: Learning from the masters and implementing their strategies in general business settings
  14. What lessons can we learn from IT business giants and how can we apply these lessons to modern day technology companies?

  15. Factors that surround the industry of international mining: Investing in and managing an overseas mining corporation
  16. What are all the aspects that must be taken into consideration when taking over a mining corporation that is situated in another country?

  17. Becoming the top competitor in an overseas market: Ways to surpass local competitors and own any industry
  18. When large corporations move into other countries, how can they ensure their success against local competitors who have been there for years?


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