Looking for a Free Sample Finance Dissertation: Vital Advice

Doing a dissertation in finance requires much more than being up to date with the latest news in the field. This is especially true when you are not sure how to use the most common academic writing formats. In this situation, the use of a sample dissertation can help you figure out some of the issues that you might encounter in your own writing. Not sure where to find one? Read on...

Check with the other finance majors

If you’re majoring in finance and you've met any of the other people in your classes, you already have access to a very useful source of information. Ask the other finance majors closest to you if they have any sample dissertations you can look at. You don't even need to use the most brilliant dissertations either. Your intention should be to emulate formatting while doing your own work. This makes an exceptional paper useful but not critical to your success.

Ask the professor

Your professor should ideally provide this to you at the start of the semester. Not every professor will but even if they haven’t you may be able to get this help on request. Be very clear that you have no intention of handing in the dissertation that you were allowed to view as your own work. This should mollify them and convince them to give you access but if not, other methods exits as well.

Do a web search

Type the words “sample finance dissertation” into any search engine. You may find sources that are not helpful in the least but in between will be a few that can actually help you. If you have a good rubric on hand you can easily pick out the ones that will be most helpful to you.

Beg graduates

Just as you are now struggling to find your own sample dissertation previous graduates went through similar struggles and made their way to the other side. Find people who have done your course of study in the past and ask to have a look at the resources they compiled. Aside from the sample dissertation you may find many other useful tips, notes and templates. Teaching assistants may also give you this kind of help if you have cultivated a good professional relationship.

Finding help on a budget doesn’t have to be hard and if you use these tips you can locate the right sample dissertation with ease.


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