9 Interesting Waste Management Dissertation Ideas

Waste management is a difficult subject in which to find the perfect dissertation topic. All human societies require some way of tracking refuse to keep healthy, but that does not mean that people require the details. Your work must provide useful knowledge in the field, and be of interest to a reader in a necessary subject that usually stays out of sight while remaining academic in tone.

Keep in mind your possible career plans as you search out the best topic – the whole aim of a degree is to increase your employability at the end of it. This work will advertise your interests and skills. Keep open the lines of communication with your supervisor, not only can he or she guide you in your subject choices, you will often find that even an academic has ties with the industry.

Your ideal subject is up to date. You can check through past research papers, perhaps it will spark a new slant on an older idea, bringing it in line with contemporary thinking. The range of topics in the field does not make your choice any easier. Good places to look for new ideas would be newspapers, magazine, journals, electronics magazines and websites that specialize in this subject. All of which are regularly updated. Even your course work might hold something that will point you in the direction of the ideal subject for study.

Most important of all, your choice of subject must interest you; enthusiasm about your subject is vital. This is going to be a lot of work; it will seem even harder if you are not enjoying it.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking

  1. Increased efficiency of recycling – economic and environmental impact of pollution
  2. Turning waste into resources – should we mine landfill sites for their precious metals? Balancing profits against the dangers
  3. An analysis of how environmental laws affect construction refuse
  4. The ethics of sending toxic substances to developing countries to recycle – the people who scavenge the third world dumps, economic impact on them when they are stopped
  5. Sustainable solid waste management – economic impact of building better treatment plants
  6. Impact of incineration on atmospheric pollution (dioxide emission)
  7. Reducing and recycling office trash
  8. Explore the possibilities of combining waste solutions with power production – gasification, incineration, methane generation
  9. Control and management of leachate at landfill sites

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