A List Of Original College Senior Thesis Topic Ideas To Consider

A large part of the success of your college senior thesis rests on the topic you choose to write it about. You need an original topic that you can write passionately about. So, we’ve compiled a great list of original college senior thesis topics that may inspire you to write an amazing paper.

  • Accounting
  • The EU and the US each have their own set of accounting standards. In which ways are these two standards similar to each other? Is there any chance that they will ever converge?

  • Psychology
  • Unfortunately, many people don’t seek mental health treatment due to the stigma that surrounds it. How much of an influence does this stigma have on treatment seeking behaviour? How can this stigma be addressed so that people can seek the treatment they so desperately need?

  • Chemistry
  • The human body metabolises different drugs at different rates. How are drugs metabolised in the human body? What are all the causes of all these different rates?

  • Anthropology
  • Religion and magic are both crucial concepts in anthropology. Magic as a concept is not always religious in nature. However, does all religion have some element of magical thinking?

  • Pharmacology
  • We’ve all taken tablets for allergy or pain that make us sleepy. Should there be legal limits on certain medications for driving purposes? Which classes of drugs should have these limits? How easy will it be to implement these limits?

  • Linguistics
  • Sign language is recognised as a language by linguists, but very little is known about exactly how many different types of sign language exist. How can we go about documenting these different forms of sign language? What could this new knowledge add to our current linguistic knowledge base?

  • Tourism
  • Ecotourism is becoming very popular amongst environmentally conscious travellers. Does ecotourism have a positive financial impact on ecotourism areas?

  • History
  • The type of foods commonly eaten in England over the last 500 years has changed dramatically, due to other changes. What precipitated these major changes in what the English commonly put on their plates in each era?

  • Marketing
  • Many businesses use the term Fair Trade on their products. Is this term misleading consumers?

  • Social work
  • Social workers undoubtedly face some of the most horrendous situations in their working lives. How common is vicarious traumatization in social workers? How can this sad situation be remedied?


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