A List Of Original Thesis Topic Ideas In Architecture

At first it becomes so mind boggling when someone tells you that you are to write a thesis paper on architecture. Well, architecture students might understand the concept and the context, but not all students can. The main reason for this is usually because of the fact that in most cases, people assume that architectural subjects and courses are all about design and drawings, and nothing theoretical.

As weird as it might sound, even the drawings have to come from some theory. There are policies, rules, regulations and guidelines within which most of these things are supposed to be done, and for this reason you have to pay attention to it, to ensure that when all is said and done, you have the capacity to write one of the finest papers ever.

The following are some of the best and original paper concepts that you might want to think about when you are faced with such a mammoth task:

  • Propose and discuss the development of waterfront property in an area around your vicinity. Highlight the challenges that this project will face, providing solutions to those challenges.
  • Given the concept of low cost housing, explain how you can implement the idea to a project owner and how you will be able to sell the concept to prospective investors.
  • Provide a run down on how you would establish a local heritage museum around your vicinity, and the benefits that this would have in the region.
  • The concept of international terminals for cruises is something that whets the appetite of many an investor. Discuss how to make this a reality.
  • Discuss how to improve the design of a major airport around you, with an emphasis on increasing the functionality of the terminal. Highlight some of the main challenges that you will face, challenges that are currently being faced, and how your project will be the ultimate solution to these challenges.
  • Discuss the concept of non-standard analysis, and how it is tied to the aesthetic concepts of optimization of topology. Highlight major challenges expected, and how to overcome these challenges.
  • The concept of an aqua house; one that integrates water and architecture aesthetically and technically, can become a reality. Showcase from your professional point of view, how this concept can be made possible.

All of these are intriguing topics, amazing titles that you will surely be able to make a good paper out of.


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