5 Things To Remember When Dealing With Dissertation Writing Services

Today, there are thousands of students worldwide who hire professional writing services to help them with their dissertations. Some hire professionals to proofread and edit while others hire professionals to complete entire works. It comes at a cost though, so it’s important to know a few things when dealing with these companies:

Not all writing services are created equally

A simple online search will reveal that there are hundreds of companies in competition for your business. However, there are some that are more reputable and reliable than the rest. The trick then is separating the good from the bad. This will take some research on your part. Look up independent reviews and verify any certifications claimed on a company’s site. Take the extra step and ask customer support a few questions about their writers. Doing so can prevent you from getting ripped off.

The earlier you place an order the more time you’ll have for revisions

Dissertations take a long time to write. They require large amounts of time to conduct research, double check sources, planning, drafting, and writing. An essential part of all great works is that a writer take enough time to revise, proofread and edit. If you don’t place your order early enough then you leave a professional writer little time to do those last steps. So, if you decide to go this route, be sure to get your order in early enough to leave room for revisions.

You can receive progress updates if you ask

A professional writing business will provide you with progress updates, especially on a long project such as a dissertation. But sometimes you have to ask. Whether you want daily, weekly, or monthly updates, be sure you communicate your desires to the writer directly. You might ask for drafts to ensure that the work is up to par with what you expect.

Some will offer money back guarantees under certain conditions

Be advised that promises of getting your money back may come with some strings attached. Companies will promise to give you an A+ quality paper in return for your cash. But certain restrictions apply if say you don’t give a company enough time to thoroughly revise a work or if you place an order for a long dissertation just a few days before you need to turn it in. Before placing your order speak with your service representative and ask what conditions apply on the writing service’s money back guarantee.

They want your repeat business

Dissertation writing services work hard to get your repeat business. This can prove to be a great advantage to you when you are negotiating a rate. Some companies will offer discounted packaged rates or even discounts on your first order with the goal of getting you to purchase more services in the long run. See if you can bargain the price down and ask for a discount on a second purchase or promise nice feedback for a lower rate.


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