Coming Up With An Interesting Dissertation Topic: A Step-By-Step Guide

Choosing a dissertation topic is a responsible and overwhelming task. Your choice will determine the narrow research area you’ll have to cover for the several next years, and it will be the first thing you’ll be known for in the scientific circles. Take the following steps to make the process of creating an interesting dissertation topic easier:

  1. Select the subject area you’d like to research.
  2. Make sure that the branch you take is interesting personally to you. Check if there are enough materials in this field that you can back your research on.

  3. Brainstorm to come up with the suitable topic ideas.
  4. The brainstorming process may take some time. Look through all possible sources that can inspire you.

    • Think of the current and fascinating problems you were discussing in class.
    • Look through the previous dissertations in the field. There is always a possibility of finding some gaps that your research could be focused on.
    • Reflect on your favorite authors or books in your field of study.
    • Review specialized journals and magazines. Some of the articles on your course may push you towards relevant and original dissertation ideas.
  5. Create the specific problem for your research.
  6. The topic of your choice should be narrow enough to make your dissertation successful. Therefore, it is recommended that you come up with a specific research problem that you will manage to completely cover in your paper.

  7. Review your choice.
  8. The topic of your choice should be original, current, interesting, and familiar to you. Moreover, it should highlight some new aspects of the research problem, and be useful for the future research in this field. And finally, it should be manageable; you should feel knowledgeable enough to fully investigate the issue and develop your thesis.

  9. Formulate your dissertation topic in an interesting way. The question you raise in your paper should never be answered “yes” or “no.” Look through the following successful dissertation topics to get an idea:
  • Racism in prisons: true or false?
  • New views on how the teachers should be trained.
  • The new changes in social legislation – a year too early?
  • Who cares for youth employment? – Graduation age and state pensions.
  • Learning from mistakes: why social care sector is not volunteered anymore?
  • Adopting children by gay couples: hidden pitfalls.
  • Role of play therapy for abused children.
  • Living on the edge: who will protect socially vulnerable people?
  • Conventional party politics: a plea for reforms.
  • Global economic crisis and male depression: interrelation and analysis.

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