Where To Look For A Good Dissertation Questionnaire Example

Writing a dissertation might be a challenging task for students due to short of time or skills. Most of the times, students find it hard because they have never done such task before. They are afraid to fail because they do not want to risk their degree. The degree depends upon the assignment because if the dissertation is not approved then you will not be able to get your degree.

Students need to carry out extensive research in order to complete a dissertation. They do not merely have to write a certain number of words on a given topic but each of these words must add value to their paper. The ideas and arguments they develop must be very logical and should have a proper order. They will also need strong evidence and authenticated data to prove their point to the audience. The audience in this case is the official dissertation committee members at the university. These professors check plenty of academic projects on a regular basis so they can easily identify how much effort you have put in to write your paper.

Students often find it hard to carry out primary research for their paper. It is comparatively easy to collect secondary data because it is already available and you only have to copy it from various sources. You can search the library, find government records of accomplishment, study statistical reports and use the web to find secondary information. However, for the primary data you need to collect it on your own. You will need to perform interviews of relevant and important personalities, carry out surveys, develop questionnaires and perform experimentation to collect first hand unique data for your paper. Students sometimes have no idea how to compose a good questionnaire. It is simple. You need to think of all the research questions that you can from your thesis statement and topic. You can have a polling or votes and assign certain boxes like yes, no, maybe, not at all etc. for the people to check in.

If you want to know how a questionnaire looks like then you should download and find examples of dissertation questionnaires. Below are a few places where you can find such samples

  • Start by asking your professor to suggest you reliable sources for your paper
  • Ask your seniors to lend you their questionnaire that they used for their dissertation
  • Search the internet

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