How To Write A Dissertation Proposal Properly: Basic Manual For Students

Dissertation is an important part that constitutes one’s graduate program. It is the ultimate result and the document through which your performance over the past academic years will be judged, and you will be granted your graduate degree. Dissertation can be defined as a lengthy essay that entails all the details about your graduate work, mostly required for the completion of the Doctor of Philosophy degree. As it is evident that it is an important and essential piece of document, writing of such writing material is completely a new and unique experience, needless to say, a tricky one too. A writing material of this type contains various parts amongst which, the proposal holds a significant part. In this article, we will discuss the various ways and tips for writing proposal of such writing piece in a proper and in an appropriate way that could serve as a basic manual for the students.

Know how for writing a dissertation proposal:

A proposal is the central theme or the prime idea on which the research work, procedures, experiments, results and the outcome and the whole writing material is based on and hence it becomes essential to write it in a proper way.

  • Firstly, the dissertation proposal should be unique and 100% original concept wise.
  • The writing pattern style of the proposal should be direct and very clear cut and not in any way should it be fluffy or story like. It should be written in such a manner by the student that the idea of the proposal sounds very original and practical and not an impossible dream to achieve. It should also clearly state the possible outcome and future scope for conducting further research.
  • Another trick to write a high quality and impressive write up proposal is to use to the point and related content with proper technical terms rather than using vague words like “too little” “too often” etc. It is always advisable to trim your content as far as possible while drafting your proposal and stick to the main point in order to avoid distraction of the examiner. It is to be always remembered that, one need to have a clear idea and an in-depth knowledge of the topic /subject related to the proposal before starting to write it and one should also practice writing many times and read various examples of such writing materials before attempting to draft the proposal.
  • Writing pattern, style, formatting and alignments, margins, etc. and another proofreading should be done carefully and the writing should be completely free from grammatical errors.

A dissertation is the bridge or the media through which a student gets transformed into a scholar and the keywords for a proper writing of a dissertation proposal are- Originality and readability.


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