How to Develop Good Dissertation Topics on Leadership: Tips & Examples

When it comes to writing an essay on leadership, students should begin with brainstorming about the subject. They should set a timer for five or ten minutes and write down all of the ideas that they think of during that time. Often, the first idea that enters their mind will be one of the best ones. If students are still stuck on leadership dissertation topics, they can consider some of the following examples.

Topic Ideas for Leadership Essays

  • How did a new manager at Apple take over following the death of Steve Jobs? Did they successfully continue the company's new mission?
  • Does leadership at Tesco in the United States compare favorably with its competitors in the nation?
  • How can Rentokil make sure that they improve the leadership of the firm when they hire new management staff members? v
  • How does new leadership at a publicly traded firm effect stock prices?
  • What are some of the newest ways to motivate employees to succeed?
  • How can leadership be nourished and developed n a firm?
  • How can the CEO of Northern Rock reverse the drop in revenue and clients at the company?
  • How has Sir Richard Branden's leadership impacted the development and success of the Virgin companies?
  • What impact did the retirement of Bill Gates from the CEO position have on Microsoft?

Research the Topic Thoroughly

Once students have a good idea of the topic that they want to cover in their essay, they will need to carefully research the topic. This may include sifting through public records, financial reports and news stories about a company or industry. In some cases, the student may need to secure an interview with a leader of a particular firm. If an interview is needed, students will need to secure it as early as possible. They will also need to have a backup plan for their research in the event that an interview cannot be secured.

Remember to Always Edit Wisely

An essay can have the best ideas and research in the world, but that will not matter if it is poorly written. It is up to the student to make sure that the dissertation on leadership has been thoroughly edited. They should read the paper aloud to spot common grammar or logic errors. If there is enough time available, the student may want to hire a professional editor or ask a trusted professor for help with proofreading the essay.


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