How To Write My Dissertation In A Month: Helpful Advice

Every student fears the dissertation assignment because it is one of the most critical papers in their academic career. They need to make sure the dissertation passes the committee members and they approve so that they can proceed with their degree. If the dissertation fails to impress the committee members enough and they reject it then the student will have to compose it all over again. They can move forward with gaining their degree unless the dissertation is approved. Due to this very reason, students tend to keep delaying their dissertation paper because they are afraid to fail. They are under anxiety, stress, and do not know how to compose a winning dissertation. In such a situation, the worst thing they can do is waiting for a miracle to happen and start writing their paper. These things usually leave the student wondering and he only realizes when there is very little time left. If you are through such a situation and only have a month to complete your dissertation then you need to take this serious. It is not as you will never be able to complete an effective dissertation in this short period. You can still create a good dissertation if you follow the guidelines in this article.

The first thing you need to do is calculate the total number of pages or words you have to write and divide it on the number of days you are left with. This will give you an estimate of the daily word count or the number of pages you need to write in a day. For instance if you have a total of 10k words to write, you need to divide it on thirty(which is the number of days in a month) this way you will get a 333 word count for a day. This is not much of a word count for an entire day.

You need to plan your dissertation to be able to complete it on time. You can also set milestones on weekly and daily basis to help you keep motivated for your paper. You should also see what hours of the day you are most productive in. if you are productive during the day you can write it in the daytime. If you are productive during the night, you should write at that time. This way you will stay efficient and not sit for long hours without getting many results.


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