How To Complete Your Dissertation In Time – A Quick Guide

Few students feel perfectly confident of the quality of their work. There will always be some aspect that feels undone and often the real enemy is time. Here is a guide that briefly explains how to get it all done before the deadline.

  1. Start as soon as possible
  2. This may be the most difficult advice to follow but it is also the most obviously useful. Beginning on time means that you have the benefit of the most available time rather than only the last few days or weeks before it runs out. Remind yourself months in advance that as soon as you are allowed to begin you must do so.

  3. Create a proper schedule
  4. Even starting early can be undermined by poor time allocation. Set aside adequate time for each task and do not underestimate them. If research will take you two weeks, make space for that in your schedule. If you require a month for proofreading, be honest about this up front.

  5. Choose a topic you feel confident about
  6. There are easy topics and hard ones. Hard ones take much longer even if they are more impressive. If you know that you have trouble meeting deadlines, do not over extend yourself with a tricky topic. You will only regret it later.

  7. Use a template
  8. This is a helpful tip for those who find academic writing styles difficult to comprehend. Templates take all of the thinking out of the process. Simply fill in the fields with the data you have collected and the dissertation will basically format itself.

  9. Refer to samples early on
  10. You should have access to a fair number of well written sample papers. These will guide you in your own progress. You can access these in the first year of your degree program and thus become familiar with the process long before you need to employ the rules yourself. This will also give you a sense of what makes a topic easy or hard to investigate. Following this tip pays off in many ways.

  11. Outsource the monotonous parts
  12. Writing any type of paper is made up of complex and simple aspects. If you focus your energy on the complex parts, simple but important things may pass you by. You could misspell the name of an important quoted source. Have someone else do the editing.

These tips alone can elevate your writing.


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