A List Of Unique Dissertation Topics That Will Catch Your Reader’s Attention

No matter how interesting your dissertation topic make sure that it holds your readers interest otherwise they will not willingly read beyond the first few sentences. Some good tactics to hold your readers attention is by starting with a quote; ask a question; tell an anecdote or state an interesting fact about the topic of your work any of these ideas can be effective, but of course these strategies will never replace having a great topic.

  1. How has technology changed people’s addictive behaviours? Does this apply to a particular generation or does it apply to all? Has it increased OCD behaviours?
  2. Is Education and Health linked? Do people who have a higher academic level of learning have better health? What explanations can you find to support this?
  3. Are the best products Brand names? If this is not the case why do people think that they are the best value? Is best value the same as healthy choices with food?
  4. If black fabrics absorb heat why do Bedouins wear black in the dessert? Relate this to other fabrics that are used by different peoples in other hot environments.
  5. How has transportation improved communication and relationships within families? Compare and contrast to different ages in history.
  6. Most people have never been to an auction but they are comfortable using online auctions. Research behaviours that online auctions encourage in people.
  7. How has online banking affected the way that we shop online? Are there security issues that we do not take seriously? Are we becoming a nation of risk takers?
  8. What type of communication devices will be used in the future? Compare modes of communication through ages in history and their efficiency.
  9. Is it possible to successfully promote people by random? How would this work in a small/large organisation? What happens if they do not have the required skills?
  10. What role does the media play in promoting celebrity gossip? Have people always been interested in celebrities or is it just media hype?
  11. With the advent of e-books, what affect has it had on writers who would normally make money on the sale of their books? Is it worth writing a book?
  12. Does country music depress some people? Is there a link between alcohol abuse and country music? Can music cause people to become alienated?
  13. Do taxi drivers find it easier to form cognitive maps of the routes they use in comparison to other drivers? What type of methodology could prove this?
  14. Does air pollution cause asthma or does air pollution increase the propensity of acquiring it? What changes could be made to alleviate the problem?
  15. Children have taken on board the use of computers in school really well, but has it actually improved their capacity for learning?

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