A List Of Fresh Geography Dissertation Ideas To Consider

Geography is the science that studies places and spaces. Many components of nature are studied in physical geography, including atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, biosphere, and soils. Human geography studies spatial characteristics of social and economic development of countries, societies, and cultures. There are many ideas that you could consider as potential dissertation topics. You can brainstorm them or simply read the following list of fresh geography research topics. These topics are different, so you should pick something interesting to write about:

  1. Meteorology and climatology.
  2. This research area is devoted to weather and climate. You can study the relationship between global warming and increased hurricane strength or explain how temperature increase influences sea level rise.

  3. Soil science.
  4. Soil science studies everything related to morphology, formation, and classification of soils. You might write your dissertation about changes in soil chemistry near big cities. It is also interesting to find out how to increase soil’s fertility to be able to grow more food.

  5. Hydrography and hydrology.
  6. Water quality, movement, and distribution are studied by hydrology. Hydrography is more about charting the features of water. Strong dissertation ideas might include studying the effects of floods on the path of the Mississippi river or investigating how industry affects water quality in certain regions.

  7. Management of the environment.
  8. If you are concerned about protection of natural habitats, mineral resources use, and environmental risk assessment, you should consider environmental management topics. For instance, you could describe what human activities can be beneficial to ecosystems.

  9. Economic geography.
  10. Having natural resources is important for economic development of each country. You can analyze how environmental conditions and lack of natural resources influenced economic development in Japan.

  11. Urban geography.
  12. Today, more than a half of world’s population lives in cities. Urban population grows, so it is necessary to develop infrastructure in order to make cities comfortable places to live and work in. You can examine many issues, including public transportation development and lack of green zones.

  13. Environmental economics.
  14. Many companies incorporate environmental management systems in their operation processes. It is a good idea to study what a particular company could do in order to decrease its influence on the natural environment.

  15. Urban planning and security issues.
  16. Big cities should be secure for people who live there. They should be able to hide or safely move from a source of danger. You could discuss what measures should be taken in order to make your home city a safer place for everyone.


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