10 Good Sport Dissertation Ideas That Will Get You Inspired

Sport dissertation ideas explore a wide variety of issues and concepts in the world of sports. In most cases you will find an idea based on personal interests. This could relate to your favorite sports team or how a system was developed for a particular sport players follow. To get inspiration on what you can write about there are sport dissertation papers written by other students available for review online. You can also review the following list to inspire ideas of your own.

  1. How does exercise help the body mentally? A sports dissertation can review ways exercise helps mental health.
  2. How is a meal planner put together for a certain sport for better performance? What are elements reviewed when making a meal plan for an active athlete? How does it differ from a meal plan of an average person who does not participate in a sport?
  3. Which vitamins and minerals are essential for proper strength training? A sports dissertation may review vitamins and minerals people may not talk about often.
  4. Differences in iron level requirements for men vs. women. Do women need more iron than men? What are deficiency affects and how do they differ for each sex?
  5. How does muscle strength in women compare to men? A sports dissertation can explore ways muscle mass develops in women and how the process varies in men.
  6. Does caffeine help or hurt someone playing sports? Does caffeine have an effect on a person’s ability to be active in a sport?
  7. How important is vitamin D for athletes? A sports dissertation can explore significant elements of vitamin D and how it helps or hurts athletes.
  8. How does an active athlete develop hypertension? Hypertension is known to develop when a person is not physically active on a regular basis, has a family history or has poor eating habits. How does this occur in an athlete?
  9. What are legal issues regarding using drugs in sports? A sports dissertation can review reasons why athletes use drugs and explore types of punishment aside from legal measures.
  10. Case study on adrenaline effects on white and black females under 50 in the UK. Does adrenaline affect the body differently based on race or sexual orientation? What activities increases or decreases adrenaline and how do the effects differ?

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