Quick Ways To Draw Up A Good Plan For A History Dissertation

In a dissertation, every small detail matters. That’s why, each part of such a big work should be thought over carefully and composed with a lot of attention to all the nuances. Below, you will find several handy tips that will help you draw up a good plan to your history dissertation quite quickly and correctly.

Before You Start

Before you start composing a plan, you need to know for sure what you are going to write in your project. It’s a big mistake to think like “I will compose the first chapter and then see what the second will be about”. If you don’t know for certain which problems you are going to research, you should not even try to compose any plan. You will simply have no idea of the quantity of chapters or paragraphs, and their consequence within your text.

Three Main Rules

There are three main rules that help compose a good informative plan:

  1. Your project should not have less than two chapters. Each chapter is supposed to consist of at least two paragraphs.

  2. One paragraph must always be dedicated to the history and philosophy of the researched problems.

  3. Titles of the chapters and paragraphs must never copy the title of the dissertation.

The first rule means that even though there should be at least two chapters in your project, you should not forget about the sensible limits and compose more than four chapters. You should better have two to four chapters that consist of many subsequent paragraphs.

The second rule is a must for everyone. Whether you like it or not, one of the paragraphs needs to be dedicated to the history and philosophy of your research. For example, if you are researching a certain theory in history, render the readers some useful information regarding the way this theory has already been researched or the way it has developed up to the present condition. In most cases, such a paragraph is located in the first chapter, but there are exceptions. All the questions like this should be discussed with your supervisor.

The third rule is very important. On one hand, chapters and paragraphs should be headed with titles that are different from the entire dissertation’s title; on the other hand, they should not involve even the words that can be met in the title of your research. You will have to browse through many appropriate synonyms to compose smart titles for all the parts of your project that will be reflected in the plan.


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