Basic Instructions For Writing A Ph.D. Dissertation On Global Economy

Writing a Ph.D. dissertation is a huge undertaking, but fortunately, there is a basic formula that can be followed for writing your Ph.D. paper. This will help you to organise the large amount of information that you have gathered. When writing your paper on global economy, this structure will be the same, it will be the subject matter that will be unique to your paper.

Here is a basic outline of how to organize your Ph.D. dissertation:

  1. Abstract – Although this is the first page of your paper, it is usually written after you have completed the rest of your paper. It will be a brief outline of the problem you are addressing in your paper, and then the method you have used to solve this problem, followed by the results, then your conclusion.

  2. Table of contents – this is a list of the contents of your paper, with headings, subheadings and chapter titles for each chapter.

  3. Introduction – This will introduce the reader to the topic of your paper. In this case, the topic is related to the global economy (e.g. financial crisis). Tell the reader why this topic is important. State the problem you are going to solve through your investigations. Keep your introduction interesting so the reader wants to read more.

  4. Literature review – this section will explore what is currently known about the problem and the methods that have already been used to try to solve it. The literature that you review will be relevant to your particular topic. Here you may wish to discuss methods that have been used in the past by some countries to recover from a financial crisis and how these have or have not worked.

  5. Body of the paper – This section will discuss the materials and methods you have used to conduct your investigations, as well as the theory or theories that your research is based on. You may want to present a particular theory regarding economic recovery and how this could be a solution to the problem.

  6. Results and discussion – Here you will present the results of your research and a discussion of what these results mean.

  7. Conclusion - This will summarize your paper and present suggestions for further research.

Following this basic structure will help you to organize your work in a way that is manageable and consistent with required standards.


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