A List Of Unexplored Dissertation Topics In Advertising You Should Consider

Before students can start researching their dissertation, they need to choose a topic. For the best paper, students should consider unique, interesting theses. The following thesis ideas will help students consider a potential paper topic. These ideas can also be modified to suit specific academic subjects or areas of expertise.

  1. Advertising
  2. An interesting paper could cover the different types of advertisements used in marketing. Recently, podcasts have started to use advertisements in their programs. Unlike many television shows, subscribers are less likely to skip through the advertisements.

  3. The Web
  4. For advertising, the Internet has been an amazing source of revenue. Thirty years ago, this technique was unavailable to marketers.

  5. Gender
  6. Sexy models are commonly used in marketing. Investigate how these models are used and what types of products they promote.

  7. Freedom Torches
  8. How did re-branding cigarettes as tools of freedom appeal to feminists in the early 20th century?

  9. The History of Advertising
  10. How did advertisements thirty years ago differ from today's advertisements? What social and cultural evolution caused this shift to occur?

  11. Emotions
  12. What techniques are used to play on the emotions of consumers? How do advertisements link happiness to using a specific product? What psychological techniques are used?

  13. Perfection
  14. Detractors have said that advertisements create an unreal image of beauty. What effect do advertisements have on females' perspectives of beauty? Does this set up an unrealistic expectation for women? Should advertisers use more realistic women in their marketing programs?

  15. Art
  16. Although most people forget this fact, advertising is a type of art. Discuss specific examples of art, sculpture and paintings that are used in the media. How does art make a better, more successful advertisement campaign?

  17. Censorship
  18. Television censors have occasionally decided that advertisements are too risque to be put on television. What types of images or content causes an advertisement to be censored? How does censorship affect the marketing industry?

  19. 1940s
  20. During World War II, advertisements ranged from Rosy the Riveter to the Victory Garden. How was patriotism used in advertisements at this time?

  21. Comparative Advertising
  22. Around the world, marketing techniques vary greatly. How does a nation's advertisements reflect its cultural values? Choose two nations and compare their approaches to advertising.

  23. Subliminal Messages
  24. In the 1950s, Coca Cola famously used brief, imperceptible flashes of sodas to get movie goers to buy their products. With psychological advances, subliminal advertising has grown increasingly high tech. How does a typical advertisement on television serve as a subliminal advertisement? How do billboards, newspapers ads and radio shows work to subliminally get people to buy their products?


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